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A brief history of money: What's your take?
Submitted by Roberto on 21 Feb 2012
Let’s admit it. We can’t live without money. It’s just that important. But even though it may be old and crumpled paper vegging inside your wallet, it has a great history. Great...
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Why investing for the income tax rebate is backward thinking
Submitted by Roberto on 8 Feb 2012
An income tax rebate is a popular tool used by governments to encourage people to invest in certain financial products or start businesses. There are good reasons for the rebates, but if you’...
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Paying off a mortgage early: Is it the right thing to do?
Submitted by Roberto on 2 Feb 2012
Paying off a mortgage early may not be the best thing to do. One could rather invest the cash or use it to start a business. That’s one argument. Others believe that it could be one of your...
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How to purchase investment property - for free
Submitted by Roberto on 25 Jan 2012
Ever wonder whether it’s possible to ‘purchase’ investment property without paying a cent, using the traditional banking route?   It is!   The reason why ‘...
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The 5th law of money: Develop habits of highly successful people
Submitted by Roberto on 18 Jan 2012
Wealth creation is a process. Forget about buying that ‘How to get rich overnight’ book. It just doesn’t happen, unless you strike it big in the casino. The process starts with an...
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The fourth law of money: You need help from other people
Submitted by Roberto on 10 Jan 2012
It’s a myth: Wealthy people don’t become successful alone. They get help from other people. The secret is, if you attempt to do everything yourself you’ll fail. If you use other...