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185 words on why you must become an entrepreneur

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The essence of becoming an entrepreneur lies with taking action. Read all you want; study all you want. Results only come from action. 
To take action means to formulate a plan around your life’s vision. What is your vision and what steps must you put in place to get there?   
What happens if you don’t take action? You may land up in the same position as millions of working families.
  1. Park your cash in a pension plan/401k or traditional asset
  2. Draw a limited pension/salary until your asset is permanently depleted
  3. Scale back on your lifestyle to fit in with your pension plan
This is not good business for your life!
►Here’s what you want:
  1. A business asset that increases in value over time
  2. A business asset that provides an endless stream of passive income
  3. A business asset that enables you to achieve your desired lifestyle
►What action will you take today to get you closer to your goals? In other words how will you bring out the entrepreneur in you?
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