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Do you have the courage to overcome your financial issues?

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Only one thing is more important than having the ‘perfect’ wealth creation plan, and that is the courage to rise above your financial issues.
Have you ever attended a motivational talk or seminar? Some speakers are really good at creating hype or that much needed ‘You can do it’ buzz.
Now let me ask you, how long does that buzz normally last? I would bet no more than 24 hours in most cases.     
Results stem from action and a motivational talk is no cure for the root cause of inaction - lack of courage. 
►Courage is a determinant of financial success
Wealth creation is 80% courage and 20% planning. Unfortunately most people get stuck at the planning stage, which believe it or not is actually the easy part.
Even if I give 100 people the perfect wealth creation plan, only two people will implement it. Only two people will take action!
And I'm certainly not saying it's an easy thing to do. It took me quite a few months to realise the need to change. Once you're in that comfort zone, you need to dig deep to get out.
The same thing applies with a financial problem like having a low income or uncontrollable debt.
You must face up to the facts. also know that some tough decisions will have to be made.
Taking action requires courage:
  • To face up to your financial issues, or
  • To confront negative perceptions about yourself
►Leverage your talents and gifts to turn your life around
  • What is the vision for your life?
  • Will you continue to simply tolerate life?
  • Are you willing to go against the grain and rise above mediocrity?
  • Are you ready to take the leap in 2011?
  • Are you ready to bridge the gap between your current reality and your desired lifestyle?
I hope you answered YES to all of these questions. Prosperity is only a mindset away.

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