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The fourth most important element of online web copy

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Want to sell truckloads of information products online? Then make sure your online web copy wows your readers in terms of perceived value.
  • Your headline is the most important element. It’s there to grab attention.
  • Once you get them through the front door, let them know in point form why they should be doing business with you. That’s where your list of benefits comes in.
  • Even if they know what your business is all about, without trust or credibility people will doubt your copy and keep their wallets closed. Your testimonials will help convince prospects that you are the real deal. Trust is vital to ensure a sale, but only if people have a solid grasp of the total value of your offering. 
Here's what I mean: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say ‘Granny Smith apple’? Okay, what about ‘Granny Smith apple enriched with natural sugars and tastes of wild Africa’? Which apple stands out more in your mind? What value do you place on each one?
Boosting the perceived value of your information product is an important part of copywriting.
The cost of your product may be $37, but what is the total value of learning from you? A good place to start is to reveal the total monetary value of your product or service. For example, tell your readers how much they will save if they get the information from you rather than from a competitor, or how much revenue they’ll be able to generate after purchasing your information.
Jenny Hamby, founder of, says there is one magic word you can use to boost perceived value – “Free”. People love free stuff. Sometimes, merely giving something away is good enough to complete a sale. But there are two conditions:
  1. Your free gift must support your primary subject matter. If you’re selling a book on dog grooming techniques, it doesn’t make sense to give away a report on the greatest holiday destinations around the world. They must complement each other.
  2. Your gift must have monetary value. You could seriously damage your brand’s reputation if you give away cheesy-no-good-for-use drivel. On the other hand, if people want the additional information it could significantly enhance sales.
Here are five popular ways you can add more value to your offering using online web copy.
  1. Free information products: You may want to give away extra related information in the form of books, special reports, ‘How to’ manuals pod-casts or MP3 recordings. Also, let your readers know what each gift is worth.
  2. Free one-on-one meeting, consulting, telephonic or email support: Instead of giving away a product, give away your time. This will reassure customers that they will get the extra support if needed.
  3. Give discounts: This is a very good way to encourage action. The discount may be for an upcoming training event, or for purchasing your product before a certain date. Discounts can also be used to build loyalty by rewarding existing customers.
  4. Free subscriptions to an online newsletter, discussion group or magazine.
  5. Make the investment risk-free: This is especially important for those fence-sitters. People who are worried about making a bad decision or who still have some doubt about your offering. The only real way to remove all levels of doubt is to offer a satisfaction guarantee. So, if your customers are not 100% satisfied with your product or service, they can ask for their money back. If you’re seriously worried about people taking advantage of this, you may want to revisit the quality of your work. Granted, there may be a few scrupulous individuals but the extra profit you could generate by incorporating a detailed guarantee into your online web copy is well worth the effort.
Hope you enjoyed.

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