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Personal success comes with a F-E-A: Have you paid?

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What does personal success mean to you? There is certainly no standard definition that is applicable to everyone. Each person has his or her take on it.
Success may refer to money and wealth, travelling, living a peaceful life, giving your kids the very best in life, caring for animals or finding true happiness.
You may have all the financial assets in life and not be happy, or you could be dirt poor and fully content. These are the extremes, but there are many people who find themselves on either end of the spectrum. Where is your happy place? Can you describe it in intricate detail?    
The meaning of success may vary significantly from one person to the next, after all it is a personal viewpoint, but the reasons for success are universal. It doesn’t change.
If you lack three core ingredients the chance of fulfilling your life goals will be miniscule.
Yup, three factors, that’s all it takes.   
I recently attended a seminar by Ian Rheeder (Chartered Marketer and CEO of Markitects) on selling, probably one of the best training events I attended this year. And not really for all the cool sales tricks, but for understanding the psychology behind being the best you can be.
I’m no Dr. Phil but I learned something very valuable that day. All the research conducted to date proves that personal success comes with a ‘F-E-A’: Focus, Energy and Activities.
For those of you who are mathematically inclined, we can express it as a simple equation:
Success = Focus + Energy + Activities
Each component in the equation is essential.
  1. Focus is about having a vision or life purpose. You know what the end goal is, something big, inspirational and yet realistic. In other words it must be attainable. There is absolutely no point wanting to be the next Lady Gaga if you cannot sing or have no personality.
  2. Energy is the desire or capacity to do work. The more desire or motivation you have, the more driven you are to do things. Can you think about one thing (right now) that will get the serotonin levels in your brain soaring, something that will drive your energy levels and willingness to do work into overdrive? Remember, you are not looking for a once-off energy burst, but something that will help you maintain your desire on an ongoing basis.
  3. Activities represent your to-do-list, the things you actually have to do to achieve your milestones. Think of it this way. Suppose you had the perfect written business plan on your table. On paper, it may be the perfect idea, but that’s where it will remain if you don’t put the plan into action. Entrepreneurs are doers and activities bring your thoughts into the real word. What you do essentially is who you become.
personal success equation
Personal success is only possible if each component works together. They cannot function independently. Here’s how Ian explained it to us.
Focus tells you which direction to set off on. Without focus you won’t get very far. However, you may still reach your goal if you have a lot of energy, but you will waste a lot of time, effort and money in the process.
Focus, without energy, is doomed. Energy, without focus, creates waste. It is non-productive. 
When you combine focus and energy you land up with a formidable force, but only when applied to the appropriate activities. It really is easy to become overwhelmed by your grand vision of life if you do not structure your thoughts correctly, irrespective of your levels of focus and energy.
Activities help you break down your vision into manageable tasks and channels ‘focused-energy’ towards the end goal in a systematic manner. Psychologically, it’s a lot easier to handle bite-size chunks than the whole shebang.
As they say, ‘The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time’. Structured work tasks will help you with your personal elephant or vision. 
So, to achieve personal success, you have to gain focus, become energised and take action!  
All the best for the upcoming week.

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