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The third most important element of an online sales letter
Submitted by Roberto on 6 Dec 2011
Okay, you’ve developed a kick-ass headline for your website’s sales letter and described in detail how your prospects will benefit from your product or service. But is it enough to keep...
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The second most important element of web copy - second to headline
Submitted by Roberto on 28 Nov 2011
An online sales letter is a powerful way to promote your information products. It’s fast, easy, inexpensive and a great tool to expose your marketing message to people around the world....
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Website copy: What really makes an online site sell like crazy?
Submitted by Roberto on 21 Nov 2011
Make no mistake about it. One of the most important activities when it comes to selling products online is to get the website copy right.   Copy is selling in print or the spoken word,...
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Personal success comes with a F-E-A: Have you paid?
Submitted by Roberto on 14 Nov 2011
What does personal success mean to you? There is certainly no standard definition that is applicable to everyone. Each person has his or her take on it.   Success may refer to money and...
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Investing in property: How I made 47.3% investment return on my first deal
Submitted by Roberto on 7 Nov 2011
Investing in property or any other business or income-generating asset is a return-driven approach. What this means is that if you use some or all of your own money to acquire an investment,...
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Niche marketing: The golden source of online business success
Submitted by Roberto on 31 Oct 2011
Niche marketing is one of the most effective ways to make a lot of money off the web. It’s about taking a general market and stripping it down into targeted and focused segments or niches....
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Selling information products requires one key ingredient (Part III)
Submitted by Roberto on 24 Oct 2011
Before you start selling information products online, you need to establish an audience in your chosen market. What do I mean by this?   Far too many people attempt to make online riches...
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Ways to profit selling information on the internet (Part II)
Submitted by Roberto on 17 Oct 2011
The business of selling information online boils down to the need for convenient access to reliable and usable information. However, you will only make a profit if your business is set up correctly...
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How to make money online selling information products (Part I)
Submitted by Roberto on 10 Oct 2011
Selling information products is one of the most popular ways of generating passive income online. If you can find a way to convert the information in your head, your expert knowledge or experiences...
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What is the difference between an investment product and a business?
Submitted by Roberto on 3 Oct 2011
In principle, there is no difference. They are two cogs on the same wheel.   On the surface, an investment product and a business may appear to be worlds apart. One vehicle involves...