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How to differentiate a business concept with the 4-W-H approach (Part III)
Submitted by Roberto on 26 Sep 2011
A business concept is a way of describing how a business will generate revenue. It defines what your business will sell, the market to whom you will sell and how your business will hold a...
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Differentiation strategy 101: How to make your business stick out like a sore thumb (Part II)
Submitted by Roberto on 19 Sep 2011
A differentiation strategy serves one purpose: To make an offering so unique that people have no choice but to take notice. The offering itself doesn’t have to be unique. It could simply be a...
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Differentiation strategies for wealth creation: How simple questions can create a lifetime of profits (Part I)
Submitted by Roberto on 12 Sep 2011
Differentiation strategies are all about being different. Why shout above the crowd to grab someone’s attention when all you have to do is switch on the bright green ‘Here I Am’...
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A hard cold three step look at your financial future
Submitted by Roberto on 5 Sep 2011
What will your financial future look like in a couple of year’s time? Will you have enough monthly income to sustain your family’s needs? Are you saving enough for retirement? Why even...
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The three super ways to power up your investment returns
Submitted by Roberto on 29 Aug 2011
If financial freedom were an attorney general, he or she would be very clear about one thing. Financial success is directly linked to investment returns.   Your assets need to perform at a...
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How to earn income on the internet: The 5-step online business checklist
Submitted by Roberto on 22 Aug 2011
Let’s be realistic. Like any business, earning an income on the internet is not easy. But like any best business practice, there are certain ways to do certain things.   For example...
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Two major reasons why you should start an online business
Submitted by Roberto on 15 Aug 2011
There are two major reasons why you should start an online business. However, many shy away from the internet. One of the reasons is that the World Wide Web is perceived to be a complex operating...
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Five corner stones of a profitable online business strategy
Submitted by Roberto on 8 Aug 2011
An online business strategy extends beyond the simple idea of slapping a website on the word wide web, and then expecting the cash to come rolling in. The internet is a massive place. There are...
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The buying power of money: Why 72 is an important number in business
Submitted by Roberto on 1 Aug 2011
The buying power of money is just like a toddler in a shopping mall, always heading off in some direction. Parents can at least control their children’s movements by strapping them up in a...
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The extreme wealth creation strategy: Are you up for a personal savings challenge?
Submitted by Roberto on 25 Jul 2011
Wealth creation is extremely difficult (if not impossible) with the traditional ‘save for retirement formula’. The personal savings strategy has passed its sell by date to say the least...